Digital Forensics

We help our clients

We discover, protect & transform evidences brought to us to generate insight in respective cases. By ensuring top notch professional processes, we provide delivery of world class solutions at optimum time, making us your partner to go to.

Computer Forensics

We offer comprehensive digital forensic services across any computer devices, where we collect & analyze digital information.

Mobile Forensics

We Unlock data not normally accessible or from damaged devices from mobile devices and applications and present it in a readable format.

Satnav Forensics

We help map out complete pictures with our unique forensic capabilities around satnavs.

Cell Site Analysis

We expose weaknesses in a case and avoid the cost invested in a flawed case. We also provide the extra capacity, when deadlines are tight, to meet trial dates & act as expert witnesses in court.

Rapid Response Units

Our forensic team is available 24/7, we can be present onsite at the earliest for immediate incident response. With our technical toolkits we can ensure secure, simultaneous acquiring of multiple devices in the field.

Custom Software

Through our continous learning & field knowledge we also help create robust in depth forensic softwares for faster turnarounds.