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GCID is a globally-operating company that specializes in digital forensics and cyber security services. We offer advanced consulting services and assistance in responding to incidents for various organizations and law enforcement. GCID collaborates with companies to enhance their cyber resilience proactively and we have a team of GCID experts who are proficient in providing covert information during forensic investigations. Each member of our team is highly skilled in their specific areas of expertise. Our team's collective efforts, under the exceptional leadership and guidance of our founder, who is the foundation of our company, enable us to produce high-quality deliverables.

Board of

Mr. Santosh Kumar


A visionary and a passionate leader, Mr Santosh holds many positions besides GCID. Besides GCID, he is also the CEO and founder of Building Communities Initiative (BCI), co-founder of Geekonomy and Geek Studio and a partner in NYX Lounge Cafe. Mr Santosh is certified with CEH, CHFI, ACE, CCNA, and MCP. For his commendable leadership along multiple ventures, Mr Santosh has been featured in some prominent publications, including Deccan Herald, Times of India, The NEW INDIAN EXPRESS, THE ECONOMIC TIMES, DECCAN Chronicle, BangaloreMirror and CIOL Bureau.

Priya Itankar


Ms. Priya is an accomplished and visionary business leader with 6+ years of experience driving growth, innovation, and strategic change. She has a deep understanding of market trends, competitive forces, and customer needs, and leverages this knowledge to guide companies through periods of transformation and growth. She is also adept at building and leading high-performing teams, inspiring a culture of excellence and accountability that drives innovation and success. As director of GCID, Priya is committed to building a culture of excellence, innovation, and customer focus. She is focused on driving growth and expanding the company's reach through strategic partnerships, investments, and acquisitions. Priya holds bachelor degree in Forensic Science from Institute Of Forensic Science, Nagpur and Master’s in Neuropsychology from Gujarat Forensic Science University, Gandhinagar.


Sridevi Dakshinamurthy

Head – Questioned Documents, Fingerprints and Forensic Operations

Sridevi brings over 5+ years of digital forensic and security consulting and leadership experience serving as a trusted advisor to clients across many industry verticals and working as a Scientific Officer and has a deep understanding of how to navigate the intricacies of digital evidence in legal and corporate settings. Currently employed as the Head of Forensic Operations at Group Cyber ID Technology Pvt. Ltd. Published researcher on the domain of Human Identification. Active participant of workshops, conferences and other academic activities. Working more in the Digital and Cyber forensic domain, but aspires to establish a “Disaster Victim Identification (DVI)” team in India. Sridevi holds Bachelor degree in Forensic Science at Jain University, Bangalore, Masters in Science in Human Anatomy & Advanced Forensic Anthropology from the University of Dundee, Scotland and recently completed Bachelors in Law, Bangalore.

Ranjitha Naidu

Head – Cyber security

Ranjitha has extensive experience and knowledge in the field of cybersecurity, including threat intelligence, risk management, and incident response. She also has a strong technical background in areas such as network security, intrusion detection, and vulnerability management. She is able to provide guidance and mentorship to team members, identify skills gaps and training needs, and develop plans to address these gaps. She also ensures that the cybersecurity team is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to address cyber security threats. Ranjitha holds a bachelor degree in Forensic Science from Jain University, Bangalore and Master’s degree in Cyber Forensics and Information security from Madras University in Chennai.

Deepa Raju

Senior Scientific Officer

Deepa With 3+ years of experience in the field, she has worked on numerous high-profile cases involving digital evidence and has a reputation for delivering thorough and accurate results. She is skilled in a range of forensic tools and techniques, including data recovery, malware analysis, and network forensics. In addition to her technical expertise, She is also highly detail-oriented and analytical, with a keen eye for identifying patterns and anomalies in digital data. Deepa holds Bachelor degree in Forensic Science from Institute Of Forensic Science, Mumbai and Master’s in Forensic Science (fingerprints and Questioned Documents) from Institute Of Forensic Science, Mumbai.

Akanksha Pradhan

VP- Tech Lead

Akanksha brings over 5+ years of experience and a track record of success in business development and helping businesses increase their profits by promoting them. She is working closely with the Digital and Cyber forensic team to build an advanced course for the new generation in Digital and Cyber Forensic Education in India. Her current focus is on expanding GCID with more partnerships which will help us set up Cyber Security Operations in Bengaluru. Meeting various researchers and industry experts from Digital Forensic and Cyber Security Domain for Building Strong Relationships and establishing OEM agreements to enhance our Cyber Forensic Lab. Akanksha holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics and Control Engineering from Sathyabama University Chennai.

Lavanya R.

HR- Operations Administrator

Lavanya has over 4+ years of experience and it's been six months since she joined GCID as an HR - Operations Administrator where she built and managed its hiring department and played an important role in the company’s growth. She handles the Recruitment part and also deals with clients regarding Digital Forensic cases. She has proven ability to visualize data and create data processes and analyze support workflows and make suggestions to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Lavanya holds bachelor degree in Business Administration from SDM College Mangalore and is currently pursuing MBA (Information Technology) from NMIMS University Mumbai.

Harikrishnaa P.

Scientific Officer

Hari worked as a Junior Scientific Officer for one year now and is currently employed as Scientific Officer. He has worked on diverse varieties of workshops and seminars associated with the digital forensic and cyber security area. Guided many college students in career steerage and skills development. He has even educated his juniors and plenty of interns on Digital Forensic tools and workflow. Hari is methodical and thorough in his approach to investigations, ensuring that all relevant evidence is collected and analyzed in accordance with the highest standards of the industry. Hari holds a Bachelor's degree in Forensic Science from Jain University, Bangalore and is currently pursuing Master’s degree in Cyber Forensics and Information security from Madras University in Chennai.

Sreeram R. Menon

Junior Scientific Officer

Sreeram is adept at data recovery, malware analysis, network and digital forensics, with specialization in fingerprints and Questioned Documents and has a deep understanding of how to navigate the intricacies of digital evidence in legal and corporate settings. He is also certified in several areas of digital forensics, and is constantly seeking to expand his knowledge and skills. He is committed to maintaining the highest standards of the industry, and always follows strict protocols. Sreeram holds bachelor degree in Forensic science from Jain University school of sciences and Master’s in Forensic Science (fingerprints and Questioned Documents) from Jain University, Bangalore. He has also done a diploma in Forensic Accounting.

Athira S. U.

Junior Scientific Officer

Athira S.U joined GCID as an Intern and as a result of her diligence and dedication to the company, she has been elevated to the position of Junior Scientific Officer at GCID for almost a year. She is capable of handling Cyber and Digital Forensic related cases and has helped handle numerous cases by helping with data extraction, evidence analysis, and report writing. She has In-depth knowledge of investigative methods and technology, including, networks, and hardware. She has also supervised a number of interns. Athira holds Bachelor degree in Physics Muslim Arts College Thiruvithancode and Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity from Manonmaniam Sundaranar University Tirunelveli.

Prudhvi Reddy

Junior Scientific Officer

Prudhvi is a skilled cyber security and ethical hacking investigator with a passion for uncovering vulnerabilities and mitigating risks in digital environments. With his combination of technical expertise and strong interpersonal skills, Prudhvi is a valuable asset to any organization seeking to improve its cybersecurity posture. He is also knowledgeable in security compliance frameworks and is proficient in a range of cybersecurity and ethical hacking tools and techniques. Prudhvi holds a bachelor degree in Computer Science from Acharya Nagarjuna University Guntur.

Hashim Ishaque

Junior Scientific Officer

Hashim started his career as an Intern and currently working at GCID as a Junior Scientific Officer. He takes a methodical and thorough approach to investigations, ensuring that all relevant evidence is collected and analyzed and stays up to date on the latest developments in digital forensic technology and techniques. Hashim holds bachelor degree in Forensic Science from Jain university, Bangalore and Master’s in Forensic Science (Toxicology & Chemistry) Lovely professional University, Punjab.

Shilpa M

Junior Scientific Officer

Shilpa M worked as an Intern and then has been working as Junior Scientific Officer at GCID for 8 months. She has 1+ years of work experience in Digital Forensic Domain. She is responsible for operating and managing scientific equipment and scientific processes in support of the company's research and Cases. She is also skilled at presenting complex technical information in a clear and concise manner, making her an effective communicator. Shilpa holds bachelor degree in Microbiology, Biochemistry and zoology from The oxford college of Science Bangalore, Master’s in Forensic Science from Jain University Bangalore.