Data Governance

No more staying in the dark.

In today’s world where data needs protection and time to time regulating. We structure and govern big corporates data, ensuring they are always protected and ready.

Our services


Our strategic approach give you answers like, your data’s location, is it protected ?, how accessible is it ? Is your data following industry standards, etc .

Data Mapping

Our data mapping is to help you understand volumes, types, and locations, plus accompanying cost, governance and security implications.

Data Remediation

Our final step would be to tie, label and protected your data. It’s when risk gets turned into value. 

Response Readiness

We also help you understand all your data by ensuring they adhere to the latest norms, policies and security.


We minimise your data ensuring it is fully understood - its origin, how was it gathered, where will it be stored, how is it processed, how long it will be held for etc. Hence we are central to the management effort.