Cyber Security

Safe guarding & Monitoring.

We safeguard your property through continuity and reputation. Our proactive protections are underpinned by a highly evolved Incident Response offering.

Our services

Penetration Testing

We give you certainty you’re require by doing vigorous testing across all compliances to ensure you have security risk knowledge to all depths across your application.

Secure Code Review

We look further, deeper and harder to find errors in the code repository that could give an individual a way into your application.

Cyber Essentials

We ensure you are in all compliance requirements, working with a clear digital framework that will ensure your core is cyber defense proof !

Security Consultancy

We are available 24x7 for any audit consultancy with regard to your application's security. We provide detailed, documented guidelines to take you where you need.

Incident Investigation

In unfortunate times of an incident taken place, we procure, segregate, classify and analyse your data and if needed restore hacked data to bring you back to speed.

Managed SOC

With a partner like us, who uses best in class technology, we ensure cyber threats are a near impossibility. We are cost effective and practice best standards required to ensure your technology is safe.