GCID is a professional and visionary Cyber Crime, Cyber Security and Digital Forensic Solution Centre offering a wide range of business process management, quality management, cyber armor, auditing and assessment services. GCID assists businesses and organizations to determine, compose, define and manage their cyber security efficiently in a skilled manner thereby enabling them to respond to every incident or emergency to prevent crisis. Analyzing the dynamic prospect of technology, it is important for an organization to protect their critical & confidential information from threats & data breaches. It therefore becomes mandatory to have a stable security management system with a blue-ribbon set of technologies, processes & services oriented to achieve discrete business objectives.

At GCID, we administer a multi-layer security strategy of technologies, procedures & practices in Digital Forensics, eDiscovery and Cyber Defense by authenticating the digital composition of an organization and identifying the vulnerabilities and risks in internal & external data in order to secure networks, devices, programs & data from a range of malicious attacks or unauthorized access which exposes a system to cyber criminals. Domains related to Information Security, Digital Forensics and Fraud Management are given maximal importance thereby specializing in mobile phone/computer forensics, cell site analysis, intelligence and investigations.

GCID helps in strategizing, defining & aligning specific security features keeping in mind the imperative qualities of an organization. We also help clients in enterprise security architecture, construct credible solutions to aid a strong system foundation which further enables to maintain agility & discipline in diverse areas of operation, technology changes in addition to protecting the organizations vital information. Furthermore, in respect with the public sector, e-Governance has gained importance in the Government in order to achieve better internal productivity & uphold a holistic approach to the citizens. Our GCID experts are trained to provide surreptitious information in forensic investigations such as bribery, terrorism, indecent images, murder cases and drug-related cases.


Cyber security refers to a set of practices and technologies that are exercised to safeguard the integrity of systems, programs, data and networks from unauthorized access, invasion or disintegration. We at GCID provide extensive solutions and services to secure networks, informations and applications besides unexceptional disaster response techniques and training. GCID uses the latest approach and procedures to keep data theft and discrepancy ambushed from servers and systems. Furthermore, we also provide Advanced Cyber Security ensuring absolute turnkey clarification to maintain and to restrict the flow of confidential information to bounded recipients in addition to adequate defense mechanisms for least damage and impetuous incident response. Homeland Security therein refers to protecting the nation from cyberattacks, terrorism through web and other malicious activities. At GCID, we furnish eminent solutions and services such as forensic investigation and risk management to defend a nation’s infrastructure and boundary from the most miniscule concern in terms of internal and external threats.

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