Rsam helps organizations quickly meet their risk and compliance goals, even as requirements are always changing. Our enterprise software platform uses a relational architecture and captures data in a single, centralized repository. Unlike other systems, we don't hard-wire dependencies. Instead, the Rsam platform is built to adapt and puts the user in control. Gone are the days of endlessly retrofitting a solution or failing to get it off the ground. With Rsam, customers can have a baseline up and running in 30 days and iterate from there. Rsam is named a Leader in the Gartner 2017 IT Risk Management and Gartner 2017 IT Vendor Risk Management Magic Quadrants. Our team is passionate, innovative and creative group of professionals who share a common vision to become the platform of choice for all things risk and compliance. Organizations should have the ability to minimize their risk posture with ease.

GRC Solutions

Let's keep this simple: Pick whatever GRC use case you want, we don't dictate what you can and can't do. Start with a baseline configuration to get up and running fast. Use drag-and-drop, self-serve tools to make changes based on what's happening now. Done.

Audit Management

Rsam's governance risk and compliance software for Audit Management is built to manage and anticipate the pace and scale of these moving targets. The web-based, purpose-built auditing software solution automates manual processes and centralizes findings to improve efficiency and accuracy. With the Rsam GRC system, Organizations can better facilitate coordination between departments to keep timelines punctual and improve transparency. With Rsam's Audit Management platform, you can easily perform any function of a risk-based audit, including:
• Planning
• Scheduling
• Resource allocation
• Workflow management
• Progress tracking
• Reporting
Global issue and remediation

Business Continuity Planning

Planning for a disaster is a challenge. The ability to keep your business up and running is important to managing your risk. Without the right plan, you risk losing money and hurting your reputation. Rsam helps you prepare for the unexpected. Our Business Continuity Management solution streamlines everything for your business recovery plan. This includes analyzing the business impact, planning, testing, reporting, and fixing issues. You need a BC plan to make sure your business continues to thrive during disasters and outages.
Organizations in the United States lose $1.2 trillion from IT failures every year. Around the world, companies lose $6.2 trillion from poor continuity planning! Planners know that disasters are the biggest challenges their companies will face. That's why these planners suggest linking continuity plans to your Governance, Risk, and Compliance solution. It's by far the best approach for business continuity planning.
Rsam BCM allows you to maintain effective programs that reduce risk. They also strengthen your ability to plan for and respond to an event. With Rsam BCM software, you can manage an effective business continuity lifecycle to:

• Identify your most important processes and assets
• Measure the impact on your business
• Understand how other parts of your business are affected
• Automatically test for disasters and manage crises

Compliance Management

Organizations are being looked at closely when it comes to how they handle their internal controls. Regulators and other stakeholders demand that they increase efficiency and effectiveness. They must keep sensitive data and information safe. They also need to protect their financial reporting systems and processes.Existing systems and tools like spreadsheets and homegrown solutions are not good enough. They are not able to fit in with other systems. They also require data to be handled manually. They also lack good review and reporting capabilities.
These limits increase your risk. The make your compliance management efforts harder. You may be responsible to meet requirements in your industry, like HIPAA, PCI, GLB & FFIEC, FISMA. You may also manage general guidelines like NIST, ISO, and COBIT. In either case, Rsam's GRC technology ensures you stay on top of every detail.Rsam's governance risk and compliance software will make it easy to manage and meet requirements. Rsam has a full content library of cross-mapped controls. This library is managed and updated continually. The platform's compliance and control framework takes part of each standard. It then changes it into a control that can be measured.

Enterprise Risk Management

Organizations face a variety of risks that can impact daily performance and operations. Getting everyone on the same page is essential for managing the increasing scope of risks. It is necessary for surviving the scrutiny of internal and external stakeholders. Rsam offers modules that help you better understand and manage enterprise risk.
Rsam's Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) platform is a centralized repository for all risk, control, and remediation activities. The platform delivers a complete view of risks and related dependencies. This enables you to establish a common risk taxonomy. It also lets you centralize risk control and remediation across the organization. The platform makes it easy for key stakeholders to provide their input and take ownership of departmental risks. Users can aggregate and normalize data from different operational systems and processes. You can integrate survey-based risk assessments with findings-based risk management. This helps you define and implement your preferred risk management program and methodology. The platform also allows you to produce intelligent results. This can range from qualitative analysis to Monte Carlo simulations and scenario modeling.

Exception Management

For every rule there is an exception—or two or three. Unfortunately, compliance requirements continue to increase and so do the number of exceptions that organizations are required to track and manage. When handled manually, these processes can be time consuming, costly and error-prone. But it doesn't have to be that way. Managing exceptions with Rsam Exception Management is… well, the exception.
Rsam's Exception Management reduces the risk of compliance violations. At the same time saving users time and effort. The software solutions platform can replicate and automate existing processes. This can be recreated no matter how intricate. The powerful exception management framework automates all policy exception cycles. This includes exception reviews, escalations, approvals, and renewals. Organizations can correlate exceptions to specific internal policies, standards, and compliance mandates. The platform can start a renewal process based on changes to your exception life cycle. The exception management platform lets you alert participants via email and let them know when it's time to engage. It also notifies them of when exceptions expire. Exception forms are accessed by anyone and routed to appropriate individuals. As a result, everyone is more productive and fewer exceptions go past their end date.

Incident Management

The definition of incident management is the surrounding activities of an organization's methodology to identify, analyze, and correct hazards to prevent a future re-occurrence. Organizations face risks from a variety of incidents—not just cyber security. A quick and effective response can minimize adverse effects. This ensures compliance with internal and external mandates. Manual or homegrown solutions don't scale to meet growing and changing requirements. Incident management best practices is to have a central repository of incidents. These central incidents are tracked through an automated workflow based on risk prioritization. Incident communication solutions need to react to incident management procedures in real time. The incident lifecycle need to be managed with notifications, audit trails and escalations.
Rsam's Incident Management module automates identification, planning, and response processes. You can use it to start and manage plans, actions, and allocate appropriate resources to resolve incidents on time. Rsam gives you all the tools to provide upper management with fast, accurate views of the real-time situations. Rsam's incident management software also allows you to direct the right incident to the right individual. This can be situational based on inherent risk, kind of incident, or status.

Policy Management

With Rsam's Policy compliance tool, you can operationalize a federated approach to policy management. You can allow for individual sub-organizations to author and manage their own policies and procedures. This can be done within the context of well-defined, enforced, and automated policy management standards. This lets you relate policy sections and sub-sections to a centralized library of regulatory domains and controls. You can route policies on different review-and-approval paths. Or you can vary their attestation requirements based on criteria such as the specific risk topics they cover. This can even be specific to where within the organization they originate. Most importantly, you can provide employees with a single location for looking up the policies and procedures.
Policies can be written directly into Rsam or imported from a file. Automated workflow and alerts help policy management all the way from review and approval to publication and attestation. Policies can also be managed and published in multiple languages with optional auto-translation.

Regulatory Change Management

Rsam Regulatory Change Management software solution provides an integrated framework to complete this task. The module can provide this across a federated regulatory change management process. Through a customizable framework, you can establish a central repository of regulatory intelligence. From here, you can track regulatory changes, so you're never caught off guard. Rsam simplifies workflow by enabling you to electronically route information to key personnel. This streamlines the business risk assessment and improves efficiency. Rsam removes irrelevant data so that staff aren't overwhelmed.
Also, Rsam's Regulatory Change Management GRC module allows companies to quickly address infractions with automated remediation activities. This is completed with the workflow that you design. This ensures swift review, approval, and exception management.