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"Explaining Morpho Video Investigator solution to Central Minister- Mr. Surendrajeet Singh Ahluwalia".
Video analysis is a major forensic resource that has changed the way crimes and cases are investigated. As technology introduces new image sources such as the 200 million cameras deployed worldwide in public places but also video coming from smartphones and social media, analyst and investigators are becoming increasingly outpaced by the volume of video evidence. IDEMIA's Video and Image Analytic Platform is streamlining and speeding up the process.
Relying on embedded algorithms, analysts can process video sequences by detecting, recording and classifying the depicted elements of interest. As they sort through volumes of raw data, they can start a review based on the most relevant data, find clues faster and exploit their findings more quickly. This system provides law enforcement and the intelligence community with the tools to detect and deter criminal activity and protect critical infrastructure and public safety.