Cyber Threats

A threat, in the context of computer security, refers to anything that has the potential to cause serious harm to a computer system. A threat is something that may or may not happen, but has the potential to cause serious damage. A cyber-attack is any type of offensive action that targets computer information systems, infrastructures, computer networks or personal computer devices, using various methods to steal, alter or destroy data or information systems.

Cyber crimes
Fraud & Deceptive Crimes

Internet Auction Fraud Pay-Per Click Fraud Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud Reshipping High Yield Investment Programs Diploma Scam Free Product and Service offers Bogus Diet Patches Phishing Carding and Money Laundering Pumping and Dump Stock Fraud.
Cyber Forensics

Disputed Fingerprints Audio Forensics Cyber Forensics / Computer Crime Analysis Video / Photo Identification, Authentication.
Crime Scene investigation & Reconstruction Medico Legal Consultancy Questioned Document.
Online Crimes

Scheduled Controlled Substances
Sold Online without prescription
Child Exploitation Obscenity Warez Spam Online Sale of Replica
Counterfeit Trademarked Untaxed Cigarettes Sold over The Internet Online Gambling.

Homeland Security

Homeland Security refers to providing resilience to a nation from cyber attacks, terrorism through web in addition to reducing the vulnerability and curtailing potential damage from detrimental activities. At GCID, we furnish eminent solutions and services for homeland security such as forensic investigation, security and risk management to mitigate cyber attacks and to defend a nation's infrastructure & boundary from the most miniscule concern in terms of cyber-based internal and external threats.